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Educational goals


In order to enhance the competitiveness of the livestock industry, combined with the Animal Science and Biotechnology, nurturing with breeding livestock and poultry genetics and breeding of improved technology and production technology of high efficiency breeding, modern livestock homes planning and rearing management technology, feed formulation design and manufacturing technology, safety and livestock development and use of technology, experimental animal husbandry management techniques and sustainable livestock farm management technology professionals. At the same time, the application of theory and practical course modules, to develop both social and moral ethics and multicultural literacy, modern economic and animal production technology and management talent to develop the livestock industry a new opportunity.


In response to China's accelerated livestock industrial transformation and upgrade policies and sophisticated agricultural development goals, the Department seeks a combination of core and foundation courses in various fields of professional courses, step by step to enhance the ability of the students of the implementation of innovative research, and foster application of research results with related industries, transformation and upgrading and metastatic ability of high-end professionals, and the development of sustainable management of the international livestock industry.