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Teaching equipment

Planning a total construction area of the department teaching space, a total of approximately 2052 square meters, in addition to the experimental animals there are a high standard teaching and research center (Animal Embryo Engineering Laboratory, non-pathogenic laboratory animals teaching characteristics of laboratory), and with the skills training center and farm implementation site to implement the teaching. Teaching equipment in addition to electron microscopy, a variety of advanced livestock physiology, genetics and breeding, nutrition, feed and livestock processing equipment required is quite complete. According to the different research areas, the Department is divided into nine Research and experimental animals of high standards of teaching and research center.

 high standards of experimental animal teaching and research center:

Now located at the Biotechnology Research Institute, part of the College of Agriculture Asia-Pacific Center for Tropical Agriculture, by the department and his faculty, is responsible for animal somatic cell replication technology of animal genes transpose the establishment of the animal embryo vitrification thawing technology to establish .

Teaching equipment:

Important teaching and research equipment for the department: the aggregation? Chain reaction, blood analyzers, atomic absorption spectrometer, computer network system, pure water production, gas chromatography analyzers, photoelectric colorimeter, inverted fluorescence microscopy, cell electroporation fusion fluctuations determination of milk somatic cell analyzer, milk quality analyzers, video imaging systems, physical property analyzers, dairy automatically fed to the analog classroom, pigs, chickens automatic feeding system, a total of 66 high-speed centrifuge items; and the latest with temperature control and automation equipment barn and an area of 60 hectares internship ranch.

 pan-use equipment: refrigerators, refrigerated centrifuge, ice machines, freezers, meat slicers, dryers, electronic balance

 microscopy equipment: optical microscope, inverted microscope, slicing machine, microscope camera device

 Analysis Equipment: analyzer of the physical properties of water activity analyzer, Determination of aflatoxin, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination device

 nutritional feed equipment: automatic bagging machine, egg wash, graded semi-automatic packaging machine, vacuum packing machines, mixers, and incubators

 Livestock processing equipment: EC separator, mixing and blending machine, small smoke machine, Smasher machine

 inspection equipment: professional testing combinations of milking machine, milking machine hygiene test combinations